Finding freedom

I painted this mixed media piece, entitled She Found Freedom, after listening to the song Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac (ummm like I obsessively kept listening to it over and over again). The song starts out with Stevie Nicks reminiscing about a time when she was young and carefree – when “lace and paper flowers” were her utopia as she was unencumbered by adulthood…She sings it in remembrance of her late friend, as well, and longs to go back to that treasured time.

This inspired piece features doodle-like flowers and graphic texts, stamps, and paper butterflies. The beret is an homage to a picture of Stevie Nicks in a beret from the 1970’s – she is a Queen of a woman and exemplifies the kind of energy I like to be surrounded by. Layers of color and patterns represent the layers of memories and emotions that create a life. The past gets covered up, but it is always still there, peaking through and shaping our perceptions.

“She Found Freedom” Mixed Media Painting on Wood Panel 18″ x 18″, by Julie Shinn