Angel Eyes

This painting, Earth Angel, has evolved several times since I started her this past summer. At first, I was going for an Alice in Wonderland vibe, but that didn’t last long. For a while, I had floating teacups and flowing hair signifying Alice’s drop through the rabbit hole. None of my paintings turn out how I originally plan, though, and I like it that way. I know eventually something interesting will evolve and I’ll like it. Sometimes this process takes months, sometimes a few weeks.

I truly thought I was done with her up until a month ago; her sweet face could be nothing BUT an Angel, and she was good enough. The perfectionist in me saw only the problems in my color choices and background elements. One night, I grabbed brush and painted over half of this painting. It was terrifying, and I truly thought I had ruined her for good. The colors were muddy, and the brushwork was way too blended. I kept trying to fix her, and I only made her look worse. I eventually went to bed, and when I woke up, I suddenly knew what to do and how to fix her. I just needed to sleep on it. Within a few hours, she was done, and I am quite happy with how she’s turned out. She represents Empathy and Compassion and Femininity; all traits this Earth could use right now.

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