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Never could I have imagined what is going on now, and never could I have been more proud to call myself a nurse. In January 2018, after several years as an oncology nurse, my heart was broken. I came across a call to artists on the American Nurses Association Facebook page for artwork to shed … Continue reading Pandemic

A Transformative Year

I have been working on this painting for months, and today, it is finally finished. I do not have a sister, and recently I have been missing this particular familial relationship. I have, however, formed strong bonds with several individuals over the years, and this painting represents finding your ‘sister’. Throughout life, we connect with … Continue reading A Transformative Year

Angel Eyes

This painting, Earth Angel, has evolved several times since I started her this past summer. At first, I was going for an Alice in Wonderland vibe, but that didn’t last long. For a while, I had floating teacups and flowing hair signifying Alice’s drop through the rabbit hole. None of my paintings turn out how … Continue reading Angel Eyes

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